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High Quality Residential All in one

Real Estate & Home Services 

Motivated by the demanding needs of real estate investors, owners, and buyers, and in view of the shortage of well-qualified, professional, and honest person to do repair, cleaning, and remodeling work on the properties; Piedad Echeverri had the idea of ​​remedying these needs for her clients and that is why in May 2019 she established her company, with a great team of specialized, honest and responsible personnel. Due to the Covid-19 situation the Company was established and its services offered through the internet. Employees sent to properties for quotes and jobs have the proper procedures required by the CDC to perform such jobs. works through. Our motto is All in One Real Estate Services, a system established with the purpose of saving time, money and avoiding problems for our clients since all work will be coordinated in the same office and with the same person.


Our Services

For Sale by Owner FSBO

Tire of dealing with Real Estate Sales Agents, and want to rent or sell your home, your apartment, Condo or Land? We are here to help.

List by Agent

Selling, Buying, or Renting your property by yourself is believed to be easy, but it is not so, many details, many documents, many issues involved. To list by Agent, click here

New Construction Properties

Search for  new properties around USA, Condos, Single Family, New complex with all amenities.

Property Management

Here is the solution for your inversion property. Listing,  marketing your property, Screening your Tenant, collect rents and  care your inversion is our responsibility. Contact us

Cleaning Services

Cleaning the house to be able to move, rent, or sell the property, condo, house, or apartment is a tedious and exhausting job.

Repairs and Improvements

Do you need to make repairs or improvements to your property for a smooth rent and sale process?

Move In-Out Packing

You are thinking to Move and only want somebody to help to pack your belongings? We do that Job for a small fee.

Other Services

Notary Services, Private Maintenance Service, Landscaping Services, Decoration Services, and Financial Services


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