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Buying a home is a responsibility and has many additional expenses. Before making the decision it is good to really know in finance how much value we can acquire and that this value is in accordance with our needs and the expenses that it will generate are at our disposal and we have the purchasing power to be able to make monthly payments widely

Properhomes USA values are: seriousness, responsibility, ethics, excellent work, and compliance distinguish us from the competition.

Our values ​​have been learned and passed on to our employees following the example of different Companies established in the market as helpers in the home improvement process.

The company vision is that our clients have a less complicated life by being attended to for any need in the same place also, our vision is to facilitate our clients and investors in the process of vacating and occupying their property at the same time as facilitating the entire process including sale and rent.

Saving you time and money is our greatest intention and concern. In addition, our mission is to save money and time for our clients with one process

Properhomes USA is a Company established in the market with the mission to help people with different necessities in the same process to vacate and prepare your investment property for sale or rent. This Job can be done in one place, with one call, and with one coordinator person doing several tasks and different jobs in the same place for the same purpose. We prepare your property for sale or rent and get a better profit. Consequently, all your work orders will be coordinated and carried out in the same office with one coordinator. Also, our mission is to save money and time for our clients with one process.

Our Values are reflected in our jobs for: https://properhomesusa.com/home-repairs-and-improvements

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House prices are normally reported nominal without any inflation adjustment as happens with other services and goods. Real House Price Index (RHPI) measures price changes adjusted for the impact, considering economic, and interest changes rate in the consumer across the country impact. For more information click


Properhomes USA our story was motivated by the demanding needs of real estate investors, owners, and buyers, and in view of the shortage of well-qualified, professional, and honest people to do repair, cleaning, and remodeling work on the properties.

Piedad Echeverri had the idea of ​​remedying these needs for her, and Properhomes USA clients, and that is why in May 2019 she established her company, with a great team, professional, and experienced.

Also, Properhomes USA Our Story motivation is all in One Real Estate & Home Services, a system established with the purpose of saving time, and money and avoiding problems for our clients since all work will be coordinated in the same office and with the same person.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Company was established and its services were offered through the internet. Employees sent to properties for quotes and jobs have the proper procedures required by the CDC to perform such jobs.



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