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Active lifestyle in Florida often includes golfing, whether you’re an accomplished golfer or a devoted novice, Active Lifestyle in  Florida is one of the best places to pursue the game.

Not only are there more golf courses in Florida than in any other U.S. state, but many of them are known for their beautiful scenery and unique fairway designs.

Some have even been designed or renovated by legendary golf pros, such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and other well-known design teams. With more than 1,000 golf courses from Miami to Panama City, many Florida homeowners are just a stone’s throw from a handful of public facilities.

If you’re an avid golfer, you’re already familiar with the many positive aspects of the sport. For those who are new to the game or thinking about giving it a try, here are a few things to keep in mind about one of Florida’s favorite forms of outdoor recreation.

Getting Into The Swing

Since you can play at your own pace and ride in a cart if you don’t want to walk the course, golfing is a sport that’s well-suited for all ages, genders, and ability levels. Beginners always have the option of taking lessons from a pro to improve their skill level and enjoyment.

You can also find a lot of tips, online videos, and free tutorials that will help you improve your swing, lower your score, and correct problems with putting, slicing, golfing stance, and golf club grip.

In addition to the exercise benefits of golf, it provides opportunities to cultivate friendships and build business relationships. It’s also a leisurely recreational activity that fits in with a lot of different lifestyles.

Even if you’ve never golfed before, once you take a few lessons and get started, you might be amazed at how quickly you pick up on it.

If you happen to be a retiree moving to Florida, the year-round availability of golf can be a great way to help you maintain your fitness level, flexibility, overall health, outlook on life, and social agenda!

While everyone should check with their doctor before getting involved in any kind of sport or exercise program, the game of golf is one that can be adapted to a variety of physical capabilities.

Although it may be necessary to try out a few nearby golf courses before finding the one(s) you’re the most comfortable with, it won’t be long before you’re an authority on the best locations, prices, and times of day to play! (That’s one of the advantages of being a “local.”)

Cities in Florida with golf course

There are nearly 300 cities and communities in Florida with at least one golf course, but the top golfing destinations in the state are Naples, The Villages, Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Delray Beach, Bradenton, Bonita Springs, and Vero Beach.

If an active lifestyle in Florida is part of your game plan for the foreseeable future, golfing in the Sunshine State may turn out to be one of your favorite pastimes!. You can visit some of the famous golf campuses here. Golf Lover’s information find here. 

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