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Argentina Country South America, It is a country located in South America, it borders Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay with approximately 45 million inhabitants in 2018,

Argentine pesos the government currency, and its official language are Spanish. Buenos Aires is the capital and it is the eighth-largest city in the world.

The first largest Country in the Southern Cone after Brazil. Government is Federal Presidency, and the denomination of its people is Argentine.

​​Argentina is also considered bigger than Mexico and the State of Texas together. Argentina, part of the Antarctic, and the Falkland Islands (Maldives).

It is a country with large cities such as its capital Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, La Plata, and Mar del Plata among others.

With its subtropical climate in many areas, Argentina produces its own tropical crops, such as bananas, mango, passion fruit and papaya, avocado, and coffee in others, being mostly for the internal consumption of the country.

Basically, its agriculture and livestock are immense, the latter produced in the famous Pampas Argentinas. The Argentinian economy is known for having several denominations according to the products such as the Cuyana economy supported by the vine and the wine industry.

There is also the economy of the pear and the apple, that of the sheep and others. It should be noted that Bariloche is a tourist site and is popularly called Little Switzerland due to its similarity to that country.

Beaches, famous restaurants, and monuments in Argentina are of great reputation. Argentina Country South America is a great place for vacations and pleasure. Hotels, Villas, and Apartments can find easily and inexpensive with booking.com

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