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Mortgage Rates

Not only mortgage rates, credits, ratios, capacity to pay, and income, but expenses are also clues that you need to know in order to apply for a mortgage and have a good panoramic of your transaction buying your new home.

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What’s my Home Worth

House prices are normally reported nominal without any inflation adjustment as happens with other services and goods. Real House Price Index (RHPI) measures price changes adjusted for the impact, considering economic, and interest changes rate in the consumer across the country impact. For more information click here


   How Much can I afford it

How much house can I afford it? This is the usual question when you think to buy a house.

Before making the decision it is good to know in finance how much value we can acquire and that this value is in accordance with our needs and the expenses that it will generate are at our disposal and we have the purchasing power to be able to make monthly payments widely.

Don’t waste your time looking for houses you don’t know if you can afford. Take advantage of it by using our tools to know how much you can buy your house for click here

There are some affordability calculators to obtain estimated prices and monthly payments based on each persona’s capacity to repay, calculating depending on the income, debts, down payments, income ratios, income monthly responsibilities, and obligations.

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