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The Best Places to visit in Colombia for foreigners. Colombia is a country located in the southern cone, with a land area of 441200 Square Miles. Colombia borders East Venezuela and Brazil, and southern Ecuador and Peru.

Its climate is varied depending on the region. Colombia is the only nation bordered by two oceans: the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Its maritime borders according to Caribbean treaties are with 7 countries on the Caribbean Sea side such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Honduras, Jamaica, and Panama.

On the Pacific Ocean side, there are 3 treaties with Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador. Its flag contains 3 colors, which were chosen by Francisco Miranda in 1806, they are: Yellow which means the towns, blue represents the sea, and red the spilled.

The form of government is an organized Republic with 32 departments and its capital district BOGOTA It has several islands and archipelagos such as San Andres y Providences and Santa Catalina.

Also, Colombia with a population of 51 million inhabitants is considered the 28th most populous country in the world. It is the second nation with the most Spanish speakers after Mexico, and its population is multicultural, thus reflecting the influence of large-scale European colonization, in addition to native peoples and African labor, with great migration from Europe and the East during the twentieth century.

In addition, Gross domestic product (GDP) gives it purchasing power, making it fourth in Latin America and 28 in the world.

  • Eje Caferero
  • Cartagena de Indias
  • Tolu
  • Covenas
  • Medellin
  • Bogota

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