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Vacancy Property Cleaning Services

Complete cleaning service for your property that is going to be sold or rented

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ProperhomesUSA is prepared and staffed to clean your property when deciding to sell or rent it. Our low cleaning fees and excellent service have given us reputation and credibility with our clients.
Our deep cleanings will make your property shine and will be a pleasure for your future buyer or renter.
Hard Cleaning process for home appliances, bathrooms, Flooring, Garden, Ceilings, and Fixtures .
At the same time, we offer repairs, maintenance, and improvements in case the property needs to be ready for sale or rent.


What's Included

Complete property cleaning Service including driveway, Garden, Garage. Appliances, Carpets etc.


How it Works

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Services & Pricing

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What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

We do not require that a contract be signed for the effective preparation and responsibility of the work. Our company is in the market for the reliability and good service given to our customers.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Our team is proffessional and expert in cleaning properties that are going to be sold or rented, in addition to being licensed and insured.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

ProperhomesUSA offers a guaranteed and excellent service of quality and to the taste of our clients, besides the deliveries are on time required

Special Packages

We offer discount and packages for a different type of jobe that has to be done by the same order

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